Looking for Veterinary clinics in charleston, Charleston Veterinary clinic: Air Harbor Veterinary Clinic serving the Charleston area.
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Veterinary clinics in Charleston : Charleston Vet
Veterinary clinics in Charleston

Air Harbor Veterinary Clinic – Veterinarians Serving Charleston for Over 40 years

As a pet owner, when your furry sidekick is sick, you want more than just treatment during this time. You expect veterinary care full of comfort and compassion as your pet is being treated. Being pet owners ourselves, our veterinarian staff at Air Harbor Veterinary Clinic understands this worry, and our mission is to welcome and care for your animals the same that we would with our very own. As we treat your sick or injured animal we will bring a sense of calming and trust during their healing.

Let Our Veterinarians Be Your Dependable Family Pet Doctor

With over 40 years of serving sick and injured animals of Charleston, Air Harbor Veterinary Clinic is recognized as one of the greatest valued veterinarian care facilities in the greater Charleston area. Our clinic provides the most advanced care for your pet, with the newest equipment and we are constantly practicing the most cutting-edge techniques. We are an established family owned business run by a father and son veterinary team along with our proven support staff. We provide the topmost care to your pet in a warmhearted atmosphere. Whether you bring your pet in for a routine checkup, annual shots, surgery or for an illness, or after an accident, we will treat them as quickly as possible with compassion and pride.

Located at 1925 Savannah Highway in West Ashley, the Air Harbor Veterinary Clinic team urges you to contact our veterinarians at (843) 556-5252 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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